New Moon Dream Boards

Vision boards or dream boards are a fun way to express our intentions, to bring into focus our desires for the future, to surprise ourselves when we see in front of us what’s going on inside our heart and soul.

The process isn't complicated;in fact, it couldn't be much simpler, and it's fun!
We'll sit down together in my cozy studio; share some laughs, tear up some magazines and let our intuition and intention guide us as we put together our collages. All of a sudden, we're creating a vision for our future... a creative collage that shows us our authentic desires.
One moment we're playing, the next we're acknowledging our soul's desires, bringing them out for us to see and focus that energy, making them easier to manifest. A bit of glitter sprinkled on doesn't hurt either!

The time around the new moon each month is all about intention...
seeking out and acknowledging our desires, focusing our intention on them.

We'll be combining that energy with the energy of our boards, strengthening our possibilities.

Join Moon Mama this new moon for some creative fun, and learn a little something about yourself in the process!

There is a $10 supply fee. 
This workshop is Saturday, March 24th, 10am-12 pm at Over the Moon Creative Resources, located at 159 N Jackson St, Suite 31 in Athens, Georgia (across the hall from Fringe Collective Artistic Studios, where it was held previously).

For your convenience, you can use the PayPal link below to register for this workshop. Thanks so much!