If you're looking to
  • overcome resistance
  • break free from stuck-ness
  • realize your true potential
  • find alignment with your authentic self
  • get in touch with your own inner wisdom and creative genius
  • move forward with intention and purpose 

Then I'm here to help you 
  • find clarity
  • break through and actually pursue your dreams
  • realize that you already hold the answers within yourself
  • learn to recognize and listen to your intuition
  • move toward creative and imaginative solutions to your challenges
  • recognize your own power and step into it

I'm here to provide encouragement and gentle guidance, with an occasional nudge to help you stretch and grow.
Or maybe just having another perspective on your situation would be helpful to you.

To see if coaching is right for you, and because a good rapport between coach and client is essential, I offer a 
get-to-know-each-other session, free of charge. You can let me know what your needs are; I can answer any questions you might have about coaching.

to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session

"jennifer is an angel. 
she offered me clarity in places i didn't even know i was looking for it! 
she gently encouraged me to take those risks, 
to come up with a "what's next?" idea, and to believe in those bold moves! 
i cannot recommend her enough. 
she will wrap your dreams in love and support 
and you will want to just float towards them."     ~ Tracy Carlton

How this works 

We can talk on the phone; we can use Skype, or we can meet in person, whichever is more comfortable for you.
I'm in downtown Athens at 159 N Jackson Street.


I'll be happy to work with you to develop a program that's just right for you, so there are no set-in-stone requirements for the number of sessions you'll need.

One session works great if you have a specific challenge that you need clarity on, or if you just want to try out coaching and see if you like it.

Generally, coaching works best over a period of time, with 2 to 4 weeks between sessions. Most folks need time to assimilate what might have come up in their last session, or time to complete any "homework" or to follow through with a commitment. 

One session is $100 for 1 hour.
I understand that a commitment for the long haul can be expensive, so I also offer discounted packages of sessions ---
three 1 hour sessions for $275, and six 1 hour sessions for $500.
If you're interested in a longer-term commitment, I'm willing to offer a more substantial discount. We'll talk.

That said, for a limited time, I'll be offering a fabulously discounted introductory price of $75 per 1 hour session!
You can purchase as many sessions as you'd like in advance for this low price using the convenient PayPal button below!

Intro Pricing